About Us



The same emotions that make you laugh, cheer, relate to a character, or choke up watching your favorite movie are the results of great storytelling. That's what we do - and we wrap our passion for storytelling inside a modern, beautifully-crafted package of photography and cinematic video production.

An Atlanta-based consulting and production company, NexDigital Media Solutions takes a revolutionary approach to addressing client needs: weddings of all sizes, small business and corporate clients seeking a personal professional approach to media and event needs, high-quality music videos and many more. Companies want a creative, professional, and pleasurable experience that maximizes their exposure while not exceeding their budget.

Beyond this, the team at NexDigital loves everything about photography and media and event production. Established in 2011, NexDigital Media Solutions has grown to have photographers, cinematographers, video editors, producers, and A/V Technicians on-hand and ready to aid in making your dreams, thoughts, and ideas a reality.



  • Media Consultation

  • Audio Visual Consultation

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Graphics

  • Event Production and Management

  • Creative Content Development

  • Project Management

  • In-house Editing